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            TEL :
            Service Technical Service
            1、Users in the modeling according to my company to provide samples (or company) a preliminary selection, if there are special requirements of products, can contact the relevant departments of our communication, to further understand the performance, characteristics of products, convenient user selection.
            2、 According to the process and the site users, layout and assembly drawings and related technical data of the company to provide products, construction is convenient for users.
            3、The user according to the shipping list the company's inventory of goods, in 48 hours, professional and technical personnel of my company sent to the site installation and commissioning (or installation).
            4、User training for operation and repair personnel, help users master the relevant operation technology and normal maintenance knowledge, to ensure the effective operation of products.
            5、In normal use, such as the emergence of related issues, our sales and technical personnel will respond within 8 hours, and arrive at the scene within 48 hours treatment solution, charge according to the national three bags and other related provisions.
            6、To provide users with products of wearing parts list, product manual (manual), repair manuals and other related technical documents.
            7、Every year regularly visited the service of equipment management, inspection, supervision, service personnel to detect faults or customer's technical improvement requirements, the company will have targeted guidance and help to solve.